martes, 10 de febrero de 2015

"Living for Gloves" - Charlie Hides y su parodia para "Living For Love" de Madonna

Charlie Hides es un humorista británico que lleva años interpretando sketches sobre Madonna y otras artistas. Es bueno, ingenioso y desde luego muy rápido. Tan sólo 24 horas después del estreno del nuevo vídeo de Madonna "Living For Love", realizó una parodia sobre dicho tema titulado "Living for Gloves" (Viviendo para los Guantes).

Charlie Hides en sus palabras:
"I had a lot of fun making this parody video and hope you enjoyed it.. You KNOW I love Madonna (I just have a funny way of showing it) I'm thrilled she's back with new music and songs. Can't wait to see her next video... for those of you who think I'm hating on Madonna... watch some of my other will see that I clearly ADORE her and think she's incredibly talented... But there are only so many words that Rhyme with "..LOVE" and I just couldn't find anything funny about a parody called... "Living For Doves" or "Giving a Shove" if you have some funny Madonna related jokes about "DOVES" feel free to suggest them."

Divertíos con la parodia de Charlie Hides en
"Living for Gloves"

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